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Play as a Dwarf Lord, in a quest for reconquering their Realm. Throughout the game you will upgrade the content of your tribe, to enhance your possibilities. Rune Watchers is an adventure game based on a fun and addictive bag-building mechanism.


On each Round, you draw Dwarves from your bag, one after the other, to have them act on your board. When your bag is empty, you calculate how many Victory Points your actions earned you. You also earn Gold, that you can spend to recruit new Dwarves, thus enhancing your possibilities for the next Rounds.


Rune Watchers is a bag-building adventure game. You play a Dwarf Lord whose Realm has been invaded by Monsters. Each Round, you draw Dwarf tokens from your Expedition bag and use them on your Adventure board to eliminate Monsters, reactivate magical Runes, free Fairies or discover fabulous Treasures. From Round to Round, recruit new Dwarves to increase and improve the contents of your bag. Make the right decisions and bring peace back to the Dwarven Kingdom.

PREORDER - Rune Watchers

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